Corporate Careers

Inspiration Starts Here.

Our corporate team includes the strategy-makers, creators, innovators and collaborators who aspire to make a difference in design and retail. Covering nearly every speciality from product development to finance, our corporate associates share our passion for the customer, influence trends and deliver purpose-filled inspiration for modern living.

eCommerce & Technology

Technology drives our business and supports a thriving digital environment with tools and systems used by associates and customers alike. Our team of innovative thinkers and pioneers always make sure our sites match our style - modern, sleek, and easy to use.

Using cutting-edge technology like AI and 3D visualization, it’s this team’s job to ensure our customers enjoy a seamless, intuitive journey across our digital platforms while building the modern retail experience of tomorrow.

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“I’ve been impressed with the degree to which we embrace technology – not just for our day-to-day tasks, but also to drive our business. Technology is used to leverage our market presence, increase sales, track product and innovate the customer experience. It’s incredibly encouraging to hear about customers coming into our stores and interacting with the projects we work on.”

Jeff, Helpdesk Technician


People fall in love with our products. And often, it’s the strategic work of our Marketing team that first catches their eye. From our social channels and loyalty programs to collaborations and events, we engage with millions of customers each year. Fueled by analytics, a healthy obsession for serving the customer and passion for all things home, our teams help us build lasting relationships with customers for years to come.

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“The fast-paced, test-everything mentality was surprising. With large, well-established retailers, I expect a lot of resistance based in tradition.
At Crate and Barrel, there’s a lot of passion around challenging the status quo and working together to achieve the best experience for our customer.”

Patrick, Manager, Paid Search


Each member of our creative team is engaged in presenting our products with a relevant, innovative and modern sensibility that’s unique to our iconic brand. Photographers, Art Directors, Stylists, Copywriters and more bring our brand equities to life through their artistic vision, creativity and commitment to customer inspiration for a purpose-filled home.

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“Working in Creative, nothing is as it seems. What really surprised me is that creativity and design are everywhere here. Whether I’m working on the catalog with folks in merchandising, coordinating location shoot workflow with eCommerce production or watching new product displays go up in our corporate lobby, it’s a cool, dynamic space to be in.”

Jerry, Image Asset Manager


In the Finance team, your insights and expertise will help streamline our workflow and maximize our growth. Working collaboratively with many teams, you’ll help implement new systems and work on forecasts, budget processes and more that impact our strategic focus and drive our growth.

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“When I joined Crate and Barrel, I loved how much communication and collaboration I saw. In my Finance role, I connect with Marketing, Merchandising, Store Operations, Construction and Facilities, and more on a daily basis. Every interaction helps me expand my knowledge of the business and challenges me in ways I didn't expect. It's so rewarding to see associates of various areas of expertise working together towards a common goal. Plus, it's fun.”

Kari, Accounting Manager