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Our store associates love good design, and our customers can feel it.

Stores are where the Crate and Barrel brand comes to life. Our Retail Store teams connect with our customers person to person, face to face, zeroing in on each shopper’s needs and finding the right design solution for his or her home, look and lifestyle. Since our first location opened in 1962, a genuine passion for our products has driven the success of Retail Store teams whose members fill the following roles.

Crate and Barrel and You - Career Opportunities

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Sales and Merchandising Associates

Matching individual warmth with the products in our distinctly modern collection, Sales and Merchandising Associates make our stores as welcoming as possible as they answer our customers’ questions and keep the sales floor stocked.

Department Specialists

Talk about dedication. From Kitchen to Rugs and everything in between, our Department Specialists across Sales, Operations and Visuals put their talents to work to make their assigned sections shine. Thanks to their in-depth expertise, we know every customer is in great hands.

Furniture Sales Associates

This team of premier sellers draws on deep product knowledge and trend awareness to help each customer transform their house into a home.

Store Management

The success of our stores largely depends on the hard work, mentorship and dedicated leadership of our Store Managers and Assistant Store Managers across Sales, Operations and Visuals. They share their expertise with their teams and inspire each store to reach its goals.

Out of the box opportunities.

91Crate and Barrel stores (and growing).

85%of our products are
Crate and Barrel exclusives.

98%of factories in at-risk countries have been audited for social compliance.

Careers that are in demand, rewarding and fun.

From a genius citrus squeezer to the ultimate family sofa, it’s so satisfying when you can help a customer find that perfect something to make their life easier or more enjoyable. And as part of our Retail Store teams, you’ll be on a new adventure with our customers every day.

  • Todd

    Merchandising Associate

    “I’m so grateful for the team that I work with. It’s such a fun and positive environment, and there’s something new to look forward to every day. All of my team members are such beautiful people and have inspired me so much.”

  • Katelyn

    Assistant Store Manager, Visual

    “It's a wonderful feeling when a customer likes how we set up the store so much that they want to replicate it in their own home. In addition to being creative, my job allows me to be a coach to an amazing group of associates and work with them to achieve their own career goals.”

  • Jeffrey

    Furniture Sales Associate

    “The best part of my job is my coworkers. We have such a talented and diverse group at my store. Everyone is genuine and exudes teamwork, from back of house to our sales team on the main floor and my wonderful fellow furniture sales team.”

  • Alexandra

    Department Specialist

    “At its core, Crate and Barrel cares about every single person within the company – and you can really feel that. During my time here, I’ve made lifelong best friends and have found new opportunities that I never would have considered without them.”

  • Nicole

    Store Manager

    “I'm really passionate about developing my staff and seeing people grow with the company. There's nothing better than hiring a seasonal associate, then watching them fall in love with the brand and accept a permanent position. It's even better when they later step into a new role.”

  • Meredith

    Assistant Store Manager, Sales

    “What I love most about working at Crate and Barrel is developing my associates to help customers across every stage of life – whether they’re moving into their first apartment, registering for their wedding or remodeling their home. Our customer relationships really do last a lifetime.”

  • Freddy

    Assistant Store Manager, Operations

    "This is a company that cares about their associates and really wants them to succeed and grow while they’re here. I truly enjoy my job, especially how much variety there is – from interacting with customers to helping fellow associates and being a resource when needed. It’s a learning experience every day."

A team built on a special kind of a person.

We aim to inspire our customers, not just make a sale. Unlike most stores, our chairs aren’t just chairs – they’re future dinner parties. Our desks aren’t just desks – they’re the next great novel. So it makes sense that our employees aren’t just employees – they’re passionate members of a design-minded team. They’re creative, warm, empathetic individuals whose unique attributes make Crate and Barrel everything we are.

  • Share your excitement for good design and the pieces you love – it’ll help you to connect with our customers.
  • Be a people person. Every happy customer can be traced back to a warm hello or a helpful answer.
  • Know your store and the products inside, as well as what your responsibilities are each day.
  • Support the team. After all, the success of your store depends on what we can accomplish together.
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