Merchandising Careers

The creative minds behind our modern products.

At Crate and Barrel, we’ve built a reputation for having the best-designed collection of quality home furnishings and decor in the retail industry. And the responsibility of curating our extensive line of products lies in the hands of our Merchandising team, which consists of three distinct but collaborative sections:

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  • Product Design and Development

    A broad group of highly creative associates with varied talents who strategize, design, develop, source and buy unique products. Their daily choices define the Crate and Barrel brand.

  • Planning and Business Process/​Allocations

    These number-crunching gurus provide financial analysis while focusing on inventory management, companywide allocation, merchandising systems and processes.

  • Merchandise Operations

    Rounding out the department, this power team works to support the accuracies and efficiencies of shared data, including vendor purchase orders and SKU item maintenance.

A career as distinctive as the collection you’ll help build.

It’s exciting to be on the cutting edge of the home furnishings business, and when you’re a member of our Merchandising team, no two days are ever the same.

  • Aviva


    “In Merchandising, you get to work with beautiful products every day, and you get to help shape what the new trends are going to be. The people are super creative, and it’s fun to brainstorm ideas for product and visual design. Then you get to see your vision come to life.”

  • Kurt

    Manager, Product Design & Development

    “I've worked at Crate and Barrel for 30 years and still remember the day I walked into the store to complete an application. I've seen the company go from butterfly chairs to sofas, and I want to continue to push the envelope and watch the merchandise evolve to the next level. I love the whole process, from the conceptual trend workshop, collaboration with my team and stores, to the arrival of the final product. It’s amazing to know you had a hand in its creation.”

  • Laura


    “Being able to use both my creative and analytical sides is one of the many reasons I love my career in Merchandising. My role allows me to oversee the process of developing a product from a concept to production and subsequently analyzing the sales. I enjoy the challenges of each day, season and year constantly evolving due to the nature of our fast-paced business, changing trends and customer needs.”

  • Ann

    Manager, Product Design & Development

    “I come to work every day with a sense of pride and excitement. I know that I will always have the opportunity to make great things happen. Each day holds the possibility of great challenges and great rewards. Every time I see a product that I helped bring to fruition – on the website, in a catalog or on social media – I feel absolutely delighted. It's like seeing one of my children succeed.”

The anatomy of an ideal candidate.

Love everything you’ve heard so far? A career in Merchandising is a satisfying, inspiring experience unlike anything else. You’re instrumental in bringing never-before-seen products into the homes of millions. And to do so, it takes some equally unique individuals to excel. Here’s what we look for:

  • Have outstanding
    analytical and quantitative
    skills and strength in
    strategic thinking.
  • Be passionate about working in retail and have a curiosity for what happens at the heart of production.
  • Possess a nimble approach to work and the ability to work hand-in-hand with cross-functional teams.
  • Stay one step ahead of industry trends and utilize that knowledge to climb over problems, elevating the business.
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