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Distribution and Contact Center Jobs at Crate and Barrel

If you think Distribution and Contact Centers are “behind the scenes,” you should see the front-line action going on daily at Crate and Barrel. This is where the real movers and shakers are. Managed with state-of-the-art technology, our Distribution and  Contact Centers are hubs for an amazingly streamlined system of inventory control, distribution, and customer relations that services all of our business channels: Retail, Catalog and Internet. A few statistics to give you an idea of the scope of our operations…

We currently have four state-of-the-art Distribution Centers totaling over 2.5 million square feet. Our Naperville, IL campus is responsible for the entire Midwest, Colorado and Texas. West Coast distribution is located in Tracy, CA. And our center in Cranbury, NJ handles all units shipped to the East Coast. (We also occasionally have recruiting opportunities at our Upholstery Warehouse in Lincolnton, NC and at our cross-docs located around the country. Together, these hubs handle 300,000 units coming and going a day—that's 200 million pieces annually. And that number only keeps going up.

Our Contact Center headquartered in Naperville, IL annually services more than one million customers worldwide. A special training program prepares our Contact Center associates to learn all aspects of our products and services, and to effectively communicate that information to our customers. Training and development also focuses on meeting the needs of each individual customer to handle their requests in “Crate and Barrel style,” satisfaction guaranteed. In all, the Contact Center is responsible for processing over two million merchandise orders per year placed through the Internet, phone calls, email and faxes.

If you're motivated by the prospect of a career in logistics, distribution or customer service, we encourage you to consider joining one of our Distribution Centers or our Contact Center. Our comprehensive training programs will not only enhance your skills, but will also offer many opportunities for leadership promotions. Which means you may just rack up some impressive numbers yourself.

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